12 Household Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar
March 28, 2022
Apple cider vinegar is a versatile must-have item for your health, hair, skin, and house. Check out the various uses of apple cider vinegar in the house.

1. Kitchen

    • A one-to-one vinegar and water solution ratio can serve as a cleaner for your kitchen. You can use it to clean your microwave, fridge, slabs, and gas cooktops. The good thing is there’s nothing to worry about since they are equally diluted; the mixture won’t ruin your kitchen equipment.
    • It can help remove stains from your utensils like your blender, coffee maker, and wine glass.
    • ACV can keep your dishwasher sparkling clean. Pour a cup of vinegar into the dishwasher’s tub and let it run with plates. It would be best if you did this at least once a month.

2. Bathroom

    • Does your showerhead ever get clogged? The next time it happens, use vinegar to de-clog it. Mix one and a half spoons of vinegar with hot water and then soak the head of the shower. Let it stay for about ten minutes, and your showerhead will be as good as new.

3. Sitting room

    • If you pour coffee or soda on your carpet, ACV can help to remove carpet stains.
    • When cleaning windows in your home, a water and apple cider vinegar solution will be helpful. You can also clean your walls with it.
    • You can also use ACV to clear out foul odors in your living room. To achieve this, place a bowl of apple cider vinegar in the middle of the room. For extra freshness, add cardamom or another fragrant spice to the bowl.

4. The garden

    • ACV is beneficial for fighting weeds in your garden. You can directly pour it on weeds or weed-prone regions to kill them effectively. You have to be careful, though, because this natural remedy can kill plants around that you may still want.
    • You can make fertilizer from ACV and water. Mix ten ounces of ACV and ten gallons of clean water and pour it into your soil.

5. Laundry

    • ACV can keep your clothing colors bright. Furthermore, ACV is acidic and can whiten your clothing. Soak your clothes in a water and vinegar solution for a few minutes. Afterward, wash and rinse them. Add a bit of ACV to your first rinse water; the second rinse water should thoroughly wash all the vinegar.
    • You can also keep your washing machine clean by adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar during each load.

6. Tools

    • Prevent your tools like spears, hoes, machetes, knives, and bolts from rusting by applying apple cider vinegar and salt. Wipe or wash the tools afterward.

Apple cider vinegar’s usefulness in the household is undeniable. These are just a few ways you can apply it in the house. So buy a gallon of ACV from the supermarket and enjoy its usefulness to the maximum.