7 Uses Of A Survival Knife
March 26, 2022


There is no survival tool as versatile and handy as a survival knife. Aside from its use for self-defense, it can also be helpful for many more things. The uses of a survival knife depend on its handiness and a thick blade.

Here are some uses of a survival knife.

1. Protection

Knives are widely known as the most effective items or tools to use in hand-to-hand fights. You can use a survival knife as a self-defense tool against animals and potentially hazardous individuals. Ensure your knife is sharp and robust because it is as good as useless if blunt.

2. For cooking

When you’re outdoors or in the wilderness and need to cook or eat something, you may need to use a sharp survival knife. A knife also comes in handy when you need to chop food items, peel fruits, cut vegetables, pluck fruits from a tree, or improvise by using it to stir dishes.

3. First aid

When you’re out and about, you might not always have a first-aid kit with you. As a result, if you experience an injury, you will require first-aid care. You can use a survival knife to manufacture makeshift bandages by cutting garments, ropes, etc. You could also use it to drain blisters with a sterile tip.

4. Splitting woods (Batoning)

Batoning is an undervalued use of a survival knife. Batoning involves using a machete, mallet, or a tangible item to strike your knife’s spine into a piece of wood or a tree to split it in half.

5. Hunting

If you’re hungry and need to eat, you might be able to get your next meal by hunting with your survival knife. Although a hunting gun is a perfect instrument, you may not always have access to one. As a result, a knife would be handy for laying traps and hunting down animals. You might also use it to clean the animal in preparation for roasting.

6. As a hammer

You can use the hefty handle of your survival knife as a hammer. You can use it to drive stakes into the ground or, in an emergency, to smash a car glass. Finally, make sure your blade is fully covered in its sheath when utilizing the knife’s handle as a hammer to prevent it from cutting you.

7. Making tools

A survival knife can build handy items if you have a little patience. If you’re outside and need tools for defense and survival, you can construct spears, tarps, and some form of shelter out of tree branches. With a bit of imagination, some tree branches, and a knife, you can do many things.

The good thing about a survival knife is that its uses are limitless. You can use it for several things outside the list we have created. From using it for cooking, as a hammer, as first aid, and batoning, a survival knife undoubtedly goes beyond a self-defense weapon.