Welcome, with 60 plus years of training, hands on, trial and error, wish to share from my life experiences and successes.

Studied contractual law, rebuilt motors for street and circle track, made precise parts for 737 and 747 airplanes, grand father was a plumbing contractor so learned that trade, father was in the flooring business so learned that trade, specialized in gymnasium floor installs, installed many racketball/squash courts over the northwest and Alaska, installed hanging ceilings in schools, wired auto electrical systems, welded and fabricated special suspension systems for street and track applications [my cars broke circle track record 9 times in three consecutive seasons], learned sea/lake kayaking an escape from all stress, survival skills were necessary for safe kayaking.

My family always produced a garden and fruit trees, picking, canning, and best part was eating. As a youngster I churned cream into butter in a big jar with a stick down through a hole in the lid, fed live stock, went on cattle drives in eastern Oregon, learned to reload my ammo, dreamed of building my own airplane, had a big boat and enjoyed the Puget Sound region with the San Juan islands and the beautiful Canadian islands.

Helped start a closed credit union for our investment group [wrote the bylaws document, researched 68 countries for their exports and imports], have a gold, platinum, silver mine. Major learning curve in this field between hard rock and placer methods. Turned some of my findings into Northwest Territorial Mint. My first love is auto suspension and building motors that stay together when stressed [Dodge, Desoto, Ford, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Chevrolet small block and big block]. The intended use of a vehicle is critical for proper suspension system.

I enjoy cooking and eating the fresh vegetables from my garden. I just read over what came tumbling out of my thoughts….. wish not to bore anyone further. Come look over what I might share each week, Sincerely Dusty