Benefits And Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar For The Skin And Face
March 24, 2022

The need to have flawless and glowing skin accounts for the creation of many skincare products out there. And while our hearts and loyalties are already rooted in these products, sometimes they may require a boost to complement them.

If you have apple cider vinegar, there’s no need to go too far. ACV is a product with multiple skin and face benefits, and you should include it in your skincare routine.

1. It works as a skin toner

You should start now if you don’t already use toner as part of your skincare routine. A toner aids in tightening pores, balancing the skin’s PH level, and improving the absorption of other skincare products. A toner made with apple cider vinegar gives all these benefits and more. It has acidic properties, which can help with acne; it also makes the skin brighter and clears impurities that a cleanser may not clean.

To make a toner, mix 1 cup of ACV with two cups of water. Pour it into an empty spray bottle and shake well. To apply it, first, wash your face, wipe it and then spray the mixture directly on your face.

2. It fights acne and clears scars

Acnes can be disturbing and can take a toll on one’s confidence. Fortunately, ACV has properties that can help prevent and clear it. It has malic, lactic, and acetic acid that can prevent acne by killing the bacteria causing it. Also, the Alpha hydroxy acid in ACV can help exfoliate your skin which removes scars.

To make a face wash for acne using apple cider vinegar, you’ll need a tablespoon of ACV and ¼ cup of lukewarm water. Mix them and use the mixture to wash your face daily.

3. It soothes sunburn and inflamed skin

If you have sunburn, apple cider vinegar is a good remedy. Apple cider vinegar’s anti-inflammatory characteristics assist in relaxing and calming the skin, making it an excellent cure for sunburned and inflamed skin. However, sunburned skin is usually very sensitive, and just applying apple cider vinegar directly to the body could cause a lot of harm. It’s best to dilute it thoroughly before use. You can add a spoon of ACV to your bathwater.

4. It helps with anti-aging

For those who are scared of having wrinkles, here’s some good news, apple cider vinegar has excellent skincare anti-aging characteristics. It has phytochemicals containing catechin, quercetin, and carotenoids. These nutrients have great anti-aging qualities and keep your skin looking young. Also, the polyphenol in apples has had positive results and reviews for anti-aging.

5. It tackles body odor

Body odor is caused by an imbalance in the body’s PH level. Since apple cider vinegar has already been established to balance the body’s PH level, part of the work has been done. ACV is strong in antifungal qualities and aids in preventing bacterial growth in one’s body. With ACV’s capacity to deal with odor-causing bacteria, it is a matter of time before you stop having smelly and sweaty underarms.

Please don’t mistake applying ACV directly on your face or skin; it can cause burns. Always dilute it and use it according to your skin’s sensitivity.