Garden Tools And Their Maintenance
March 19, 2022

When it comes to garden equipment, it is always a good idea to acquire the best to ensure their durability and lifespan, but it doesn’t end there. Since you are constantly using these tools, they will come into contact with dirt, manure, water, and chemicals; it is imperative that you maintain them by performing simple actions on them.

Maintaining your tools ensures that they last as long as possible, operate as intended, and that you do not carry pathogens from the instrument to the plants through them.

Here are ways to maintain your garden tools.

1. Sharpen your cutting tools regularly

Sharpening your tools saves you time and stress. The garden tools that require sharpening are shears, knives, pruners, and scissors. Sharpening these tools improves and speeds up their performance. You can use a sharpening grinder or enlist the services of a pro.

2. Oiling

Regularly oiling your devices will keep them from rusting, so it would be best to oil them as often as possible. You can combine two parts of lubricating oil and some kerosene in a spray bottle, then spritz the iron or wooden surfaces of the tools with the mixture and wash the excess. You can also combine leftover engine oil with sand in a bucket for quick hands and push equipment lubrication. The sand in the combination mildly cleanses your tools as well.

3. Wash and dry your tools after use

After the gardening process, your gardening tools may be covered with dirt, soil, or manure. Do not leave them like that as it could eventually cause them to rust; instead, wash and wipe them, and then leave them under the sun to dry for a while.

4. Disinfect your tools

Disinfecting your tools is as simple as dipping them in a water solution bleach. The goal is to prevent disease transmission from your instruments to your plants. After each use, fill a bucket with bleach and warm water, then dunk the tools. Allow them to sit for about ten minutes before wiping and drying them. Vinegar is an excellent alternative to bleach because it is similarly effective and does the same job.

5. Store your tools properly

Keeping your devices allows you to stay orderly or organized. Garden tools need to be dry and kept in ventilated spaces when not in use, so when storing your tools ensure to either hang them or lay them in a properly ventilated room that lets air get to them. Ensure always to keep them away from moisture. A garage is an appropriate location for storing your tools.

Maintaining your tools at all times will save you money on repairs and acquiring new ones. It will also save you the hardship of dealing with tools that are not adequately functional, like an unsharpened shear, which would be extremely slow and exhausting. Consider maintaining your tools as an investment that will bring significant gains and reduce your stress.