Survival Uses Of Chapstick
March 3, 2022

If you think chapsticks are solely for your chapped lips, brace yourself because you’re in for a shock. A chapstick is an EDC (everyday carry) item for many people because it always comes in handy, especially for those who tend to have dry lips.

Here’s the kicker: apart from the regular use of chapstick, it can also be beneficial for survival, including basic things like repairing your zipper to other essential actions like starting a fire.

Here are a few ways to use your “ordinary” chapstick in survival situations.

1. Firestarter

You can start a fire from a lighter, cotton wool balls or flammable material, and a chapstick. A chapstick has a flammable substance that can make a good fire starter. Lighting fire on a plain flammable fabric or cotton wool may not last for up to a minute, but it will burn for minutes if you rub chapstick on it before lighting it.

2. First aid for mild cuts

A chapstick can serve as a mini first aid for mild cuts. If you sustain a small blister, it will help to rub chapstick on it as a form of bandage substitute and protection for infection. Of course, this would not be useful for severe cuts or blisters.

3. Zipper repair

Zippers certainly have a habit of getting trapped at the most inconvenient times. When they get trapped, it’s practically difficult to yank them loose without completely tearing the zipper. Run the chapstick along the zipper lines to fix the issue in such situations.

4. Prevents blade rust

The shortcoming of using a survival knife is that everything you use it for decreases its longevity and durability. It may be hard to keep it oiled when you are continually using it; however, you can use chapstick as an alternative to keep it from rusting by rubbing it on the knife’s blade.

5. Sunscreen

You can use a chapstick as a sunscreen substitute. If you forget your sunscreen and are going to be under the sun for a while, you can use chapstick to protect the areas of your body that are susceptible to sunburn. It’s important to note that it can’t wholly replace sunscreen and can only provide temporary relief.

6. Candle

A lighter, cotton bud, and chapstick are all you’ll need to make a substitute candle. Put the chapstick on the cotton bud’s top, dip the other end of the cotton bud down into the chapstick and light its top. This method won’t last long, but it’ll get you through till you figure out how to start a permanent fire.

7. Lubricant

Your metal gears, nails, screws, or machines may need lubrication. The purpose of applying chapstick to lubricate these devices is to reduce friction. If there is no oil to lubricate it, a chapstick will suffice. When you lubricate nails and screws, it’ll be much easier to drive them into the woods or any other place.

8. Prevent blisters

Chapsticks are also beneficial to your feet. Rub a chapstick on your feet, mainly your heels, if you notice a blistered spot. It will assist in reducing inflammation and friction in that area.