Types Of Home Gardening
March 2, 2022

Home gardening can be quite beneficial to one both health-wise and money-wise. You get to consume healthy vegetables while also having the option to sell them, not to mention that it’s a fun hobby and a worthwhile way to spend your free time.

We’ve highlighted various gardens that will fit perfectly in your home’s wide and small space.

1. Container garden

This type of garden is beneficial for people who do not have much space in their houses. Asides from that, it is also very convenient and cheap. All you will require for a container garden is a container, soil, seeds, and water. If you’re thinking of what type of plants to grow, you can try growing cucumber, lettuce, carrot, and potatoes. They grow well in containers.

2. Tire gardens

If you view used tires as junk 0r waste, you are certainly missing out on the great value of a tire garden. Owning a tire garden is a fantastic way to reuse discarded tires and increase yields while reducing the degree of labor required to grow a flourishing garden. That is not all; they also provide a warm soil environment and are easy to maintain. Try growing some peppers and sweet potatoes in your tire garden.

3. In-ground beds

This garden is easy to maintain but takes up a lot of room. If you have a small family, a land space of about 500 square ft should be enough to feed them. In-ground bed gardens are usually easy to start with simple tools and are even easier if you already have good soil. The best soil type for this garden is loamy soil; it does not require much maintenance and watering as it does not get dry so quickly. You can grow broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and eggplants in this garden.

4. Raised-bed gardens

Raised-bed gardens are especially beneficial if your yard’s soil is unhealthy. You can avoid the hassle of having to till and treat the land by building raised beds and topping them with the soil you purchased. You can also extend the bed to your desired height. Raised-bed gardens may be expensive to set up at first, but they are effortless to manage in the long run. The only concern is that they need more watering because they dry up faster than in-ground beds. Some plants you can grow here include spinach, beans, and pumpkins.

5. Kitchen or vegetable gardens

One of the most prevalent types of home gardens is the vegetable or kitchen garden. If you appreciate gardening, this type will be a lot of fun to manage, mainly because you get to choose how much space you want to use, have fun while doing it, and harvest fresh fruits and veggies. Before you start planting, please research the types of fruits and vegetables you wish to grow and what they require. Plant pricey veggies such as lettuce, eggplants, and broccoli as well. Considering how expensive food can be, having a kitchen garden will come in handy

So, if you’ve been thinking about starting a home garden, now is the time. You have the knowledge and the variety of home gardens to choose from, so go ahead and let your imagination go wild with choosing plants.